About Us

We are high-tech native, paramount, lawful, and pioneering scholastic and
consulting service provider in the arenas of Penetration Testing,
Cyber-Security, Information Security, Digital and Cyber Forensics,
Criminology and Cyber-Law, High-Tech Crime Investigations,
Vulnerability Assessments, Reverse Engineering, Assembly Language,
Delphi/Pascal, Borland C/C++, Lua, TCL, Perl/CGI, Python,
Exploit Development, Dissecting Malware, Malcode Forensics,
Cyber-Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Eavesdropping,
Lawful Interception, Vulnerability Research, Bug Bounty, PWN2OWN,
Offensive Hacking, Advanced Shell Scripting, Blackhat Hacking,
Whitebox and Blackbox Testing, Graybox Services, Private Investigations,
Data Recovery, Password Recovery, Shellcode Development, Secure Coding,
and 360º of Computer/Digital/Cyber Investigation and Security Services.

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129/C, High-Level Road, Colombo 06, Western Province, Sri Lanka. [00600]
3B/5, N-H-S, Kiribathgoda, Kelaniya, Western Province, Sri Lanka. [11600]
308-310, ANC Building, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, Western Province, Sri Lanka. [00300]
4th Floor, SLIDA Building, 28/10, Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 07, Western Province, Sri Lanka. [00700]
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